Cloud Computing Platform

Dedicated Cloud

Agile Systems

How Dedicated Cloud Brings Power and Agility To Lineup Systems ?

Lineup is an organization that builds collaborative advertising sales tools. Our target market is multi-channel advertising organizations standard publications that you know - newspapers,...
VPS Server

Reason To Go For A VPS Server

Nowadays VPS is popular among the web developers today. Let's find out more about the benefits of shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. Why...
Mobile Backend Platform

A Mobile Backend Platform Supported By Dedicated Cloud

There are two sides to Apps Panel; content management and mobile marketing with features such as push notifications. Our solution is the only one...
Monitoring AWS

Creating A Dedicated Service Account For Monitoring AWS

To create the dedicated service account create an IAM user account and assign a specific policy to it to do this select Services and...
Resell VPS Hostingvideo

How To Resell VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is the right solution for every webmaster that has multiple websites with lots of visitors per each site and has the knowledge...
Virtual Private Servers

Dedicated Servers Vs. Virtual Private Servers

First we are going to start with virtual private servers. A virtual private server, or what's more known now as Cloud Hosting and Cloud...

Internet Cloud Services

Cloud Services Explained For Beginners

Cloud Services
Cloud service platforms, like AWS, works the same way as the power company so in the past, businesses used to buy and maintain their...

PC Backup With Cloud Storage Or Ingreso Cloud

Cloud Storage
Everything that you have stored on your hard drive and there are a few different ways that you can store and save all your...

Creating Oracle Database Cloud Service Deployment On Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Service Deployment
Before getting started, I need to make sure I have available the following information from the infrastructure resources: The availability domain; the subnet from...

How AI Can Manage Your Cloud?

Manage Cloud
Digital transformation is enabling businesses to become more agile by leveraging cloud. Business priorities have changed; varying based on the stakeholders, which means IT...

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